Finding the Right Approach

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With life comes uncertainty. We have all experienced times in our lives where we have encountered challenges or road blocks, that have proved to be more difficult to navigate, more difficult than we are prepared to handle. Challenges in life such as addiction, parent-child issues, financial struggles, sicknesses or simply an inability to move forward, are just a few examples of why an individual or family may seek counseling.

At Lehigh Valley Counseling, we combine listening and counseling in our opportunity to examine your life—past and present—to determine what is working, and what is not, and how to examine the past in terms of the present in order to move forward.  By examining habits and behaviors, patterns emerge that hold us back; patterns that we can focus on in order to make changes.  No one likes change; we all want things to remain static.  However, life is like standing on sand, it requires a slight shift in the position of the feet every so often.  

We have helped people find new careers, change habits to get a healthier lifestyle, address family of origin issues, understand the way their briain works, improve communication with family and others, set new goals and achieve them, to name a few.  Why might you seek our services?

Feeling unmotivated?

Do the gray days affect you?

Mind keeping you up at night?

Trouble in school

Handling the family dynamics

Major life changes, divorce + death