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Crisis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Change - it's happening all around us; slowly but surely everything changes around us all of the time.  These smaller changes are a lot less noticeable.  It's most upsetting when major life events overtake us - things such as divorce, uncoupling, death, retirement, getting fired from a job, or moving to another location - to name a few.  These major life changes can cause anxiety or stress and can impact general overall health.  If you are a person who has dealt with lots of changes, these major life issues can be navigated.  For others of us lucky enough not to have experienced many events such as these, we are not experienced enough to know what to do. 

Focusing on the positives as well as understanding and accepting that life is always changing can make the situation more bearable.  Changing the way you think can also be helpful.  For example, an example of a thought could be "why me"?  Simple reframing can teach us to accept what is going on , even if we are unable to understand it, such as "I accept it and trust that the outcome will be ok" can alleviate the stress of the change.

Stress is often caused by the misbelief that things must remain unchanged, but a more realistic approach is to aim for homeostasis.  Although these types of events  happen infrequently, they usually pack a punch and counseling can assist with this adjustment.