Feeling Unmotivated...

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Feelings of apathy, no motivation, not caring, not interested in the things that used to give you joy are some of the signs of depression.  Think of depression as a scale –symptoms may vary from mild to severe symptoms. There are many behavioral changes you can make – such as changing thinking patterns, changing work habits or changing sleep schedules that can help.  This can also be used as a coping strategy - for example, if I am depressed then I don't have to face any difficulties that may be placed in my way. 

 Feeling unmotivated can be related to a lack of sunlight, a lack of Vitamin D, thyroid issues or iron levels.  Our holistic approach takes all of this and more into consideration. We partner with physicians in the area and will refer out for these symptoms. We assume nothing and do a detailed and lengthy intake in order to focus on a variety of needs that may be unmet. Schedule an appointment to see how you can be helped.