Family Dynamics.....

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Family Counseling

Family Dynamics - we all have them.  It's defined as the interaction of a divergent group of people who each have pre-conceived notions of the others and their own agenda. The family system is a theory introduced by Dr. Murray Bowen that suggests that individuals cannot be perceived in isolation from one another; that the family is defined as its own emotional unit.

Family counseling works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development. These changes happen when people understand their interaction patterns, relationship patterns, and how they push and stop pushing each other's buttons. This type of counseling focuses on what goes on between the members -such as resolution of conflict, understanding differences, and how the system works as a whole.  We strive for helping, loving, supporting and understandingFamilies can be helped by finding patterns of behavior, what the causes are, and what can be done to better their situation and make changes in these patterns.