Racing Thoughts...

Photo by Sergey Nivens/iStock / Getty Images


Thoughts - what are they?  They are merely an electrical impulse through a neural pathway.  What importance do we give them?  Do we say that we must listen to them no matter what?  Or do we say that we will weed through them and let go of the ones that make no sense.  If you watch a youngster act impulsively, you can better understand that we cannot or should not listen and pay attention to every random thought.

Racing thoughts – one of the definitions of anxiety – can really disrupt your life.  When you are not in control of your thoughts, you are constantly "on guard" and powerless to let go and relax.  Thoughts of future tasks, worries about what might happen, thoughts about what have already happened, such as “I should have said that” or “I should have done that” can cause your mind to go into an endless loop. Emphasis on getting all of the answers through our thoughts and giving equal importance to all thoughts contribute to this pattern. Ignoring the other ways we are able to get messages - through intuition or energy into our bodies puts all of the emphasis and importance on thoughts. Saying to ourselves that we are powerless to control them and we are unable to focus them keep us in this loop.  Learn ways you can control your thinking, refocus and not merely distract, and keep on task during difficult thought processes.  Find out natural methods for reducing the mind chatter.  This process can take anywhere from one to three months but the results are medication free!