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Learning and School Issues

Due to the emotional, social, academic, and sports dynamics present in today's hyper-competitive school (and even preschool environments);  our children experience pressures,and demands that can result in behavioral, developmental and social problems for them and their families. Too often a child’s problem behavior is dismissed as a demonstration of rebellion, attention-seeking, or an opposition to authority. These rationalizations are not explanations for the behaviors but rather easy labels that we have come to accept as a way of identifying the alleged “cause” of the behavior.

Having worked with many challenging children, we understand that a typical child’s problematic behavior is as much a problem for them as it is for you... that they too, may be frustrated and confused.  

Problematic behaviors may be rooted in anxieties tied to social, academic, family, and sports pressures, OR the behaviors may be the result of undetected learning disabilities.  Many of of our client success stories for children  start with evaluations followed by physical and psychological tests able to detect visual, auditory processing, and function issues.  Once understood, the behaviors can become manageable for the child because the parent and child understand the underlying issues and build appropriate coping skills.

We are committed to understanding the multifaceted root causes and functions of the behaviors that you are attempting to improve. Most of us would prefer to identify a simple cause/effect relationship that would explain why our children are struggling academically or socially.  Sometimes educators find "simple explanations”,  some will also end up blaming the victims for behaviors related to unknown but real concrete disabilities.  We try to understand the child - and if disabilities are apparent - work with parents to understand and prepare the child.  By providing the family with options including: therapy options, coping skills, learning modifications, appropriate coping skills many of our kids are able to effectively manage or even eliminate troubling social and behavioral problems.  

For instance, a child may have verbal learning issues, which affect reading, reading comprehension and math.  Non-verbal learning issues can cause social difficulty, problems with math and processing problems such as visual or auditory or problem solving.  Other issues such as bullying, conforming to peer pressure, cutting and drug activity can indicate a need for counseling.

Schedule an appointment to determine how to  understand your child's behaviors and if appropriate, determine if your child has a learning issue, including how to interact with the school in order to get the assistance that your child is entitled to receive.